Property Deals Insight 8 hot property facts

Need a quick overview of the current property market? 

Here are 8 Hot Property Facts that give you a quick insight into the world of property 


There are more than 113,000 property businesses operating in the UK


Average house price has risen to £269,150 (Dec 2020) an increase of 8.5% from December 2019 (UK House Price Index)


Around 65% of properties are owner-occupied. The rental market is rising rapidly, and approximately 20% of property occupiers are renting privately


House Prices have increased by 198% over a period of 20 years 


Half of England is own by less than 1% of its population


The three most expensive places to live in the UK are London, Cambridge and Oxford. Liverpool is the least expensive place to purchase a property, followed by Glasgow


37% of the population don’t think they can afford to buy a property in the area they’re currently living


Landlords bought 11% of all the properties available to rent last year

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