Property appreciation strategy
One investment, two ways to make money

It’s not surprising that property is seen as a good investment by many people.  While the entry point is higher than for some other investments, the returns are twofold, particularly when you follow Warren Buffett’s advice and ‘buy to hold’. Becoming a landlord means you have an asset that grows in value as well as

5 Golden Property Secrets

Find out 5 Golden Property Secrets Now! Empowering you to make smart property decisions faster You don’t have to buy a rental property near where you live – you can choose an area of high yield where you can get a better return on your investment. Take a look at the Property Heatmap. Property Heatmaps

property investment
The property landscape is changing

Given the challenges and restrictions of the past 12 months, it’s wouldn’t be surprising to find the property market has suffered, but far from it. The stamp duty holiday has helped, but even before that was announced and since it’s no longer possible to rush a mortgage through before the deadline, property sales have continued

UK Property Data API Solutions
What can an API do for your business?​

 If you’re a property professional, the answer is ‘a lot’! An API is usually developed to deliver specific information, or a range of information, that can be integrated with your system or website.  This gives an added dimension to what you offer your clients. Let’s be honest, most of us are very good at what

Property Deals Insight
Out with the old, in with the new

It’s almost 2021 and 2020 has been challenging, to say the least. So let’s start the new year with a fresh perspective and look at what’s possible, rather than what isn’t. Think of it as having the key to a door with lots of exciting possibilities on the other side – all you have to

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