What Are Automated Property Valuations?

Automated property valuations also known as Instant Property valuations are specialised, automated pieces of software that look to provide accurate and instantaneous property valuations without the involvement of costly professionals. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, these services are improving year-on-year; the most reliable valuation services on the market receive constant updating and pull from dozens of reliable real-world data sources, thus ensuring the ever-increasing accuracy of their reports for the benefit of prospective property buyers.

Why Should You Use Automated Property Valuations?

Firstly, Automated property valuations can save you the time and financial investment of hiring a professional appraiser. As stated earlier, the recent advancements in analytic technology have brought the best instant property valuation services up to a professional standard; nowadays, there’s little reason to hire a dedicated appraiser except for with particularly niche properties.

Furthermore, with so many properties begging for your consideration at any given time, instant property valuations offer a quick and reliable way to cherry-pick the most lucrative properties in a specific area.

Finally, as the current global situation develops, visiting properties in-person is becoming increasingly undesirable (and sometimes completely unfeasible) for buyer and seller alike. For this reason, instant property valuation services are seeing a boom in popularity, and real estate companies are racing to develop their own accurate software.

What to be Aware of With Instant Property Valuations?

 As with most things in life, instant property valuation services are not made equal. Some draw from multiple vast data sets, while others rely on a worryingly narrow collection of (sometimes outdated) information sources. Additionally, some services make the most of their data, pooling it together into a tangible, easily applicable series of charts, figures and points of comparison. On the other hand, there are other services which do frustratingly little with the data they find, leaving you stuck trying to apply it to your specific situation. Before you use any instant valuation service, be sure to understand where their data comes from and how they put it to good use.

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The Power of Our Property Insight Reports

Our Property Insight Reports offer an unparalleled degree of access to bespoke property valuation data and the projected financial outlook of over 27 million homes across the UK. Using a combination of trusted data sources, real-time market information and our own proprietary valuation algorithms, we provide you with market insights that will keep you competitive among even the property industry’s top experts. Buyers have already slashed tens of thousands of pounds off their purchases with these powerful property insights, and thanks to our 14-day trial, you can try out the same extensive suite of tools absolutely free of charge.

The Importance of an Accurate Valuation

Often, the true value of a property isn’t clear from the outset. Too many prospective buyers and property developers follow the lengthy sale process, investing their valuable time and money into a property, only to discover too far down the line that they face a minimal return on investment, if any at all. What can they do? At that stage, their only choices are to cut their losses and abandon the sale, or go through with the undesirable deal, facing an even greater long-term financial loss.

By providing buyers with access to an all-encompassing market view of any UK property, including several valuation metrics and ROI outlooks, our Property Insight Reports prevent this worse-case scenario. We use a unique, proprietary algorithm, in conjunction with trusted existing data sources, to give buyers an incredibly accurate valuation on any UK property. No more costly and time-consuming investment mistakes; with Property Deals Insight, you’ll know whether a property is worth your attention from day one.

Our Exclusive Valuation Algorithm

Most property valuations take into account the same set of variables. (Location, bedrooms, bathrooms, gardens, parking, overall condition, etc.) We take it a step further, providing a far more accurate valuation as a result. Our unique valuation algorithm factors in the price per square metre (price PSQM) of a property alongside every other variable, making our instant valuation more accurate than any other widely-available source.

Typical valuation reports can’t reliably identify the difference in value between different properties if, on paper, they contain similar features and offer similar amenities. With our proprietary algorithm, we’re able to differentiate properties based on price PSQM and provide a detailed valuation which wouldn’t previously have been possible.

Other companies are beginning to understand the power that algorithms such as ours give to buyers, but we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing those tools in a tangible way. We’re already bestowing powerful knowledge onto buyers, saving them money and giving them greater power when interacting with sellers.

Greater Negotiating Power

 Sellers and buyers alike generally use the same set of tools and methods for determining the value of properties. With the increased insight provided by our valuation reports, we give buyers more information, and therefore more power, when it comes to negotiating deals with even experienced sellers. Both regular buyers and property developers have negotiated using exclusive data from our Property Insight Reports, and in doing so, have saved tens of thousands of pounds and ensured a stellar ROI.

Trusted Data Sources

 Property Insight Reports pool data from a number of trusted and official sources ranging from Zoopla and Google Maps, to HM Land Registry, Office for National Statistics, Ofcom and more. Our tools analyse and collate this overwhelming amount of data into one cohesive, easily-digestible report that will save you countless hours of tedious research.

Property Deals Insights from data sources you trust

The Platform

We’ve designed our Platform with power and simplicity in mind. Whether you’re in the market for a new home; looking to buy, flip and make a quick profit; or after a cheap property to renovate and rent, our Property Insight Reports will pull from thousands of data points to guide you towards smart choices and wise investments. Even estate agents stand to impress their clients with the instant, in-depth data our tools generate. Let’s explore exactly how Property Insight Reports can help you.

Property Valuation

 Upon entering in the details of your chosen property, we’ll take you to the initial “Property Valuation” screen (shown above). Here, you’ll find a range of valuation metrics including property valuation, rental valuation and price PSQM. This is a great first stop for buyers looking to determine whether a property is worth pursuing further.

Similar Properties and Rental Comparison

 With these tools, you can view genuine properties available to buy or rent nearby to your chosen property. With graphs that give a visual representation of local pricing trends, as well as links to the property listings themselves, you can support our Automated Valuation Model with findings of your own and come to a 100% informed decision.

Cash Flow Analysis

 Designed for buyers looking for a strong “buy to let” investment, the Cash Flow tool shows you the potential annual cash flow and gross rental yield for a property, with figures based on the earlier valuation report. A series of graphs and charts also help you visualise the breakdown of monthly costs, upfront costs and how much cash you’ll have tied up in the deal over the years.

Although the information provided by this tool is informed by the valuation tool by default, you can change each data point manually and assess how the future outlook shifts as a result. This is invaluable as a tool for helping you determine whether a property is worth your investment and your room for rental negotiation with potential tenants.

Flip Analysis

This shows you the potential for ROI in a short-term flip situation and whether the investment is worthwhile in the first place. Just like the Cash Flow tool, it populates the report with data pulled from the earlier Property Valuation Report and our trusted sources, but every data point can be manually tweaked and the analysis report will adjust accordingly.

Recent Sales

 Finally, the Recent Sales tool shows you all the relevant sales in your property’s local area since the start of the previous calendar year. Here, you can view and compare property sales on an individual level, including both their final sale price and price PSQM. Contextualising your research with real-world examples is a crucial step in making an informed investment decision; with the Recent Sales tool, we’ve cut out the tiresome digging that such a task usually entails.

Sample Property valuation report for a 4 bed terraced house in harrow

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