Find and Analyse any Property in Seconds!

Whether you’re looking for your first home or you’re a property professional checking out if the property is worth buying takes time. Not any more - with more than 95% of UK properties you can:

Property Deals Insight

Find best property deals

Use Deal finder to find the best available deals nationwide matching your investment strategy

Property Deals Insight

Analyse any property in seconds

You put the property info in and you'll get a comprehensive set of data out with just a click.

Property Deals Insight

Instant Valuation Estimates

Get an in-depth analysis of your local market, comparisons of millions of data points instantly.

Property Deals Insight

Make Better Property Decisions

Remove the guesswork, the comprehensive information enables you to make informed decisions.

Property Deals Insight

Beat your Competition

You'll gain a competitive advantage over your competitors as you'll be able to close those deals much faster.

Improved Deal Closure

Improved Deal Closure

Do more deals and focus on doing what you do best. All the analysis is yours in just a few moments.

Property Deals Insights will save you TIME and MONEY by giving you
access to hot deals and in-depth information in just a few clicks.

Check out the key investor services

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Deal Finder

  • Find Deals - Save time and money:
    - Save £ 10000s on Fees and charges.
    - Find and analyse deals instantly.
  • Pre Packaged Sourcing Strategies:
    Find deals with Sourcing strategies used by experts like Biggest Bargains, Buy Refurb Sell, Auction Listings, Licensed HMOS and much more
  • How it works
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Property Insights Reports

  • Instant Property Valuation:
    Discover how much a property is worth in the current market and location.
  • Average Per sqm prices:
    Our bespoke AVM provide in-depth analysis and gives you avg per sqm pricing for your property.
  • How it works
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Cashflow and ROI

  • Cashflow and yield analysis:
    Dynamic Cashflow and yield reports shows how long it will take to get your money back at various rental points.
  • Flip Analysis and returns calc:
    Calculate the projected ROI % on any Flip Investment before committing to a bridging deal.
  • How it works
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Local Area Analysis

  • Recently Sold Prices + Per sqm:
    We combine the trusted public information data with our bespoke algorithms to provide sold prices with psqm pricing.
  • Similar Properties for Sale/Rent:
    Compare any property instantly with similar sales and rental listings currently on the market. To support our valuation model.
  • How it works
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Property Heat Maps

  • Yield Hot spots:
    Identify high yield areas throughout UK. Use the hotspots to narrow your search criteria and find deals.
  • UK Property Averages: Compare UK average sales and rent prices, filter out by property type or number of bedrooms.
  • How it works

Property Deals Insight in Numbers

No running around in circles - Get all the insights into the property deals in one place.


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