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A brief look at the HMO market: 2021

The HMO market is often forgotten about or pushed to the bottom of the pile when it comes to property investment, however, HMO properties can provide strong returns.  What is an HMO property? HMO stands for Houses in Multiple Occupation or Occupancy. This means that the property is rented by at least three people who

Top 5 London Boroughs for Rental Yield - Property Deals Insight
London Property Trends: Rental Yields

When looking for property investment opportunities in the UK, there are many important factors to consider. And it is important to feel certain before making any decisions, given the size of financial investment required. In this blog we explain rental yield, one of the more important factors to consider when looking at buy to let

How to make R2R work for you - Property Deals Insight
How to make Rent-to-Rent work for you

Ever heard of the term rent-to-rent? Like others, have you been intrigued by exactly what it is? It has been one of the hottest topics in the real estate industry lately, and the clue is actually in the name, but how does it work? You’re going to rent a property from a landlord So you

How to make R2R work for your business - Property Deals Insight
Rent-to-Rent: How to make R2R work for your busine...

Make Rent-to-Rent work for your Business Instantly generate rent-to-rent deal packs for your R2RSA and R2RHMO deals. Get them in front of 1000s of qualified investors

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