Buy smarter by choosing property hotspots

When you’re looking for your next property to invest in, how do you choose where to look for good deals? The answer is property heatmaps.

Many investors like to keep things close to home, so they can visit the property, supervise a refurb and be a hands-on landlord.  But, depending on where you live, you could be missing out on much better deals with higher returns on your investment.  What you need is a heatmap of where the best deals in the UK can be found.

Most investors know that there are places in the UK where apparently amazing bargains can be had.  In some areas in the north of England you can find properties for way below market value.  The challenge is that, unless you do proper research you don’t know if there’s a rental market for these – or even a good resale potential.

Find the best deals

Let’s be honest, there’s always a reason why a property is offered well below market value – and a low price doesn’t always mean a good deal.

If you’re not in the area where a deal that looks like a real money spinner comes up, it’s easy to be caught on the horns of a dilemma.  Do you take the risk, buy and hope that you’ll make an amazing return on your investment or do you let the deal pass, because you don’t want to take that big a risk?  If you had a property heatmap would the area show up as high yield or barely worth it?

Do your homework

The third option is to do some serious homework – aka due diligence. 

If you’re not anywhere near the area you’re looking to buy in, this can be a big challenge.  How do you find out what the property market is like in this area?  Do you scour RightMove to see how long properties in the area take to sell – always supposing the listing date is the original one and not a relisting.  It’s not an exact science.

You really need to check out what other properties in the road are worth, what the going rate is for rental fees, how long it will take you to get your investment out of the property if you rent it, what your overall yield will be.  Some of those things are easier to find out than others.

It’s easier if you stick with where you know and can do better due diligence on the ground yourself.  But it’s frustrating when that juicy deal is tempting you.

House price vs yield

Most property heatmaps are based on house prices, not on the profitability of property in that area.  That’s only half the information you need.

However, there’s good news,  A property heatmap does actually exist, that will help you to know which areas offer the highest yields in the UK.  You can see how your local area stacks up and check if your current investments are measuring up.

And, there’s even more good news, while you do have to pay for your subscription to this tool – it’s not the only tool you get for such a small monthly investment.  You can search for deals, matched to the property heatmap areas you’re interested in – and then get a full property valuation report with all the information you could possibly need to make a good investment decision.  It removes the risk and allows you to extend your reach with property investments.

Find out more about property heatmaps showing yield here.  You can try before you buy, too, as your first 14 days are free!

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