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Buy Refurb Refinance Webinar and 1st Anniversary Discount

We hope you are doing well! We have been extremely busy at PDI in the past few weeks and wanted to share the updates with you. A few days ago, we organised a webinar with the property investment expert Kevin Wright about Buy Refurb Refinance (BRR) strategy. It went exceptionally well and looking at the overwhelming response we definitely plan more similar webinars in the future! We will keep you updated about that in our newsletters. You can also find the most recent news on our social mediaDon’t forget to follow us!

In the webinar, Kevin Wright covered a lot of useful information about property investment and we want to be sure you are able to access it for the future. Likewise, for those who were not able to attend, we decided to give a short webinar summary of what was discussed and included some useful links below.

The property investment strategies can at times be confusing and overwhelming, but with our platform – Property Deals Insights (PDI) you can search deals using our pre-packaged strategies used by experts and get instant property valuations. Getting your head around the property market has never been so easy. Want to know more?


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As the main topic Kevin Wright covered the Buy Refurb Refinance strategy – it allows you to recycle your cash, as not everyone has a limitless pot of money to be putting down 25% for every property you invest in. You can search for BRR properties on PDI.
BRR Properties

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Attendees had a lot of interest in the Auctions Strategy and there were a number of questions which Kevin answered about buying at Auctions. What are the things to keep in mind when investing at Auctions? How to find out if it is worth making one more bid in the midst of a tense auction bidding? Get a hint on our website.
Auction Properties

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Repossessions can be an interesting opportunity to find a property at a good price. Lender enforced sales are a great way to buy a Below Market Value (BMV) Property. Repossessed properties are the ones that lenders seize when the previous owner defaults on the mortgage.
Repossessed Properties

Want to learn about property investment strategies?

Read more on our website about the various property investment strategies and how Deal Finder can help you search for the next big deal.
1 year celebrating


Oh and by the way... we are celebrating 1 year in business and decided to give you 20% DISCOUNT on all subscription packages!

We also have a quick product explainer video that can help you get to grips with the platform.
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We hope you found this post useful and look forward to meeting you at our future webinars!

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us here: info@propertydealsinsight.com or via phone +44(0)203 389 8222 

Thanks again!

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