Why Do you invest in properties

Around 4.7 million households in the UK are living in privately rented accommodations. [Source: Finder]

Buy-to-let remains one of the first preferred options of investors looking for property investment in UK. After all, it comes with plenty of benefits.

In this article, we have talked about significant reasons to invest in a buy-to-let property.

Reason #1: Rental Income

If you are seeking a way to earn passive income, property investment in the UK is your best bet. You will receive a certain amount in the form of rent from your tenants. If you choose an investment wisely even after paying the mortgage and taxes, you can save a decent amount.

Reason #2: High demand

In the current era, more and more individuals are having to live in a rental property rather than buying their own home. Some reasons behind this trend are lack of affordable properties and stricter guidelines of mortgage underwriting.

Reason #3: Capital gains

Due to fluctuations in prices, a new investor avoids investing in properties. That said, a seasoned investor thinks of long-term goals. He/she knows that a suitable property will always increase in value after a few years. A smart investor also performs real estate property analysis to reap maximum benefits in the long run.

Reason #4: Costs could be offset against tax

You are supposed to pay a tax bill by filing a Self-Assessment Tax Return for HMRC. Offsetting of some costs against tax is possible. These costs include fees you pay to letting agents, interest on your mortgage payments(SPV), money spent on advertising your property, repairs, and council tax. The UK authorities also offer tax relief for maintenance repairs and renovations.

Reason #5: Discounted prices are available

It is not necessary to pay the full market value while purchasing a property. Some property-buying strategies help you save up to 30 per cent by finding Below Market Value properties. Buying into Auction HomesRepossessions, Short lease, cash deals etc. and using Buy Refurb Refinance strategy to get your investment back and growing a property portfolio.

Not all real estate agents from the UK have access to such property deals. You might find a few agents that have the expertise of these deals—but the options will be still limited. A reliable online tool, on the other hand, is a better resource to discover and evaluate such property deals instantly.

Property Deals Insight Platform

The Deal Finder offering by Property Deals Insight is one such tool to find and analyse the best property deals in the UK. You can set your price range and area to get deals as per your expectations using any of the sourcing strategies. You can also Perform instant property evaluation report for a particular property with the Property Insights offering from Property Deals Insight.

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