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This week we’ve got a great article on restarting property valuations and a report on the expected rush of new renters once the lockdown is lifted.
In this edition, we’ve also included an example of a property valuation in Liverpool that we generated using Property Insights. As always, we’ve also got 3 great property deals that we found using Deal Finder

Market Updates

Surveyors Signal that Property Valuations could Restart in Weeks


The housing market could be back up and running in just a few weeks after the industry body for surveyors confirmed it will unveil ‘practical guidance’ to enable home valuations to restart safely.
The effective suspension of valuations in March slammed the brakes on mortgage offers and the property market, with surveyors unable to access homes due to lockdown and social distancing. This has meant that desktop valuations are the only viable option during the lockdown.
With Property Insights, you can instantly generate accurate property valuation report for any UK property without leaving your home. Our bespoke Automated Valuation Engine will generate in depth reports on:
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Rental Valuation

First Friday after Lockdown will be Busiest in Letting Industry’s History

The latest House Price Index paints a picture of ‘growing momentum’ in the market. Average house prices went up by 0.8% in March; up from 0.3% in February.
The annual rate of increase also went up from 2.3% to 3% – the highest annual rate of increase since January 2018.


This week’s property valuation is a 3-bed terrace in Liverpool with an estimated value of £61,960 and an estimated rental yield of 21%.
Below is a snapshot of the valuation we got when we entered the property’s details into our valuation engine:

With Property Insights you’ll also get:
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Here’s a repossession deal on a lovely semi-detached 3-bed bungalow in Sheffield.
It was first listed on the 5th of November 2019 for £126,500 but has since been reduced by 21% to £100,000
Below is a breakdown of the expected yield and cash flow on an average Buy2Let mortgage on this property.


This week’s buy-refurb-sell deal is a 3-bed terrace in Ashbourne.
It was previously unsold at auction and has now been reduced by 48% to £90,000.
Below is a breakdown of the expected yield and cash flow on an average Buy2Let mortgage on this property.

Bargain Deal

This week’s bargain property is a 2-bed terraced house in Blackpool that would be ideal for buy to let.
It was first listed on the 8th March 2018 for £80,000 but has been reduced by 20% to £64,000.
Below is a breakdown of the expected yield and cash flow if you bought this property at the listed guide price.

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