Rent-to-Rent - will it become the norm for 2021 investors?

Our CEO Nitin Aggarwal was featured in Property Reporter’s article, where we talk about rent-to-rent becoming the hot new investment opportunity instead of buying!

Here is an excerpt and the article overview…

Rent-to-Rent is now talked about more and more in property circles. 

It’s been around for a long time, but as property prices rise investors need bigger and bigger savings to purchase property and Rent-to-Rent offers a much lower financial entry point.

The cost of getting started

The initial outlay will be your deposit (normally 1-1 ½ months’ rent) plus whatever you need to spend on refurbishment to get the property up to the standard you want to attract the right kind of rental income. This doesn’t mean ripping out the interiors, more like giving the décor a facelift. Overall a spend of £1-3K on the refurb costs is realistic.

To read the full article click here: Rent-to-Rent – will it become the norm for 2021 investors?

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