Let's make fastrack mortages a reality


Are your offers delayed due to a lack of unbiased property valuations?
Would you like to shorten your lengthy workflows?

Offer a more efficient digital mortgage journey

Some of the key benefits

Property Deals Insight

Access unbiased data

Drawn from hundreds of sources to provide reliable and robust data on more than 27 million properties in the UK

Property Deals Insight

More than just a valuation

Every property valuation report includes in-depth information on the property, its viability and how it stacks up against similar properties locally

Property Deals Insight

Get more applications

Giving customers upfront access to how much their home is worth is a great way to convert incoming visitors into inquires or applications

Property Deals Insight

Quick and accurate

Instant information in a couple of clicks - to speed up your mortgage process. You do more in less time, resulting in more happy customers

Property Deals Insight

Property Data APIs

Instant access to the most popular data sets in the form of fast and reliable Rest APIs
e.g. Instant Valuation, House Price Index, Local Comparison and other 40 data sets

Property Deals Insight

Buy 2 Let, GDV analysis

With over 60% of property purchased each year being Buy to lets or development projects, use our unparalleled analysis to get instant info on cashflow, ROI and GDV information to aid quicker decision making

If you could get more mortgages processed based on robust information that you can rely on, with less effort and fewer overheads, what would that do for your business?

Valuations can be done immediately and you’ll get comprehensive, underpinning data to aid sound decision making sent automatically.  This also means that your caseworkers can focus on their specialist tasks.  Wouldn’t that make a real difference to your business’s productivity?


Speaking as an ex-agent of 32 years, consumers are now doing property digitally. Technology is definitely more efficient at delivering true insight at levels of data that a ‘local agent’ could only dream of.

Last year two agents valued a property for me at £450K, I had the sense to use a cutting edge AVM and put it on the market at £500K, selling for £525K in less than 72 hours. – thank you Nitin Aggarwal and Property Deals Insight, for your £75,000 insight!

Andrew Stanton
Leading Industry Figure
Andrew Stanton - Industry Leader and Experienced Estate Agent

Insights from data sources your clients can trust

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New data sources are added on a regular basis allowing us to enrich the services you get all the time.

Sample Property valuation report for a 4 bed terraced house in harrow

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